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motherism's Journal

This might be your mother's feminism
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A community for feminist mothers to discuss feminism, mothering, and the intersection of the two. We're coming from the perspective that choosing to be a mother is as valid and valuable a reproductive choice as any other, and as worth fighting for. Mothering can be and often is a feminist pursuit, and women's bodies and minds and their reproductive/ feeding/ mothering capacities are actually rather excellent, though let's not be too rose-tinted about that.

This isn't a "parenting support" community - we're mostly not about breastfeeding advice or whatever - though members should strive to keep it a safe and supportive space. What we're about is discussing, raging, pointing out, in a community of like-minded people, that sometimes, feminist mothers are getting it from all sides - from those who think that abortion is the only reproductive choice worth fighting for, and of course, as ever, the patriarchy, which wants to control our bodies and shut us up. And we want it to STOP.

Also welcome: supporters and comrades.

Community membership is moderated - if your user info and/or journal doesn't make your reason for interest obvious, comment and say hello.